Northern Uganda Agricultural Centre 

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About NUAC

NUAC operates as a modern commercial farm, divided into four business units: Farming & Contracting, post-harvest handling, forestry & cash crops and machine import, dealing and workshop. NUAC currently employs 25 permanent staff and 20-60 casuals. NUAC has 5000 acres of land, divided into 3000 acres for farming (maize, rice and soy), 1500 acres planned for forestry (teak, pine, and eucalyptus) and 500 acres planned for cash crops for export (macadamia and cashew) 

NUAC Services

  • Sale & maintanance of Agro machinery
  • Sale of Agro spareparts and tools
  • Agro services
  • Sale of fuel for locals
  • Contracting
  • Price List

NUAC Farm & Machinery

  • Modern mechanized farming
  • Training of tractor operators
  • Production of cereal crops
  • Production of seeds

NUAC Forestry 

  • Nursery

NUAC in 2021-22

  • Drying of crops
  • Hulling of crops
  • Grinding of crops
  • Storage of crops