Northern Uganda Agricultural Centre 

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The farm targets minimum 1.400 hectare seasonal production that is done 100% mechanical. It involves modern mechanized planting and harvesting.

The production will be sold as seeds and food.

NUAC Farm & Machinery will

Be overall landowner for any NUAC activity. This will involve purchase-lease of land and sub-leasing it to other NUAC companies. The land in the area is all owned by the district land-board. Who leases it out. However the lease function is as an ownership and can be traded.

NUAC farm will carry out all the primary cereal crop production on the land. This is from initially ploughing to harvesting the crops.

NUAC farm will also handle sale of all unprocessed crops. This could be to NUAC processing, seeds companies and as food crops to traders.

Strategy plan and constraints

With the constant increase in population both in Uganda and the region there is a huge market potential for good quality crop production, and therefore NUAC sees the opportunity in expanding production.

New business plan under construction.