Northern Uganda Agricultural Centre 

NUAC news

NUAC farm aim to in-cooperate CSR as an important element in planning. This has two elements; the staff and the community.

The closer and more in-cooperated CSR is should give a positive payback to the company also. Satisfied staff has higher production and a supportive local community makes it easier to function locally..

It should be noted that NUAC is based in the middle of “the deep bush” and as such the staff lives on the farm and for local people we are the center, or “town” as they call us.

CSR staff related

Currently NUAC has done the following for staff:

  • Improved housing
  • Provided beds, sheets and mosquito nets for staff
  • Clean water supply
  • Improved variated feeding
  • TV entertainment
  • Improved salaries

It is also planned in the short term to:

  • Build a health center - dispenser station + nurse
  • Have a leisure facility

So far done for community is basic but appreciated:

  • Charging of phones
  • Small shop where they can buy items such as airtime
  • Setting up maize and rice hulling machines 2014-2015
  • Build a police outpost 2016
  • Build farm training school 2016
  • Small primary school on farm