Northern Uganda Agricultural Centre 

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NUAC processing

NUAC sees opportunity in setting up various simple processing facilities for cereal crops. This would add value to the produce and ensure larger revenue to NUAC and local farmers that work in cooperation with NUAC.

To begin with it could be maize milling for production of flour, and milling of crops for animal food such as for chicken and fish producers.

It makes sense to process our own and loaclly produced crops at the farm instead of mowing the raw materials to Gulu and Kampala.

In the long term the processing will be developed into processing for supermarket chains.

For now small scale processing will be handled under NUAC farm until the right moment for setting it up as independent unit

NUAC forestry

The valley will slowly be planted with Pine Eucalyptus and Teak. 1 good potential 2 wind breaking for the fields.

Will start March 2014 slowly with forest candidate Thomas Lunden.

NUAC future 

NUAC is in process with the government of expanding farming in Northern Uganda

Aim to build agricultural school and Co2 reduction forestry