Northern Uganda Agricultural Centre 

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The company was established in 2003 with 2 tractors with the aim off opening land for local farmers. The two owners were a Ugandan and Kim Johansen (a Danish National respectively). The Ugandan became the operational manager and Kim continued working abroad. In 2005 Nick Ziegler, a Danish farmer joined in and the company acquired its first own land.

The opening of land for farmers were not very successful, as farmers did not clear their land proper, thereby the tractors got many damages.

Another big problem was that the war in the north continued until 2007. This delayed all activities.

In 2006 NUAC also started production on own land. But first season was hit by drought and crops lost. In general the acquired land was not suitable for agriculture. In the future the plans are to plant trees on it.

In late 2007 NUAC got access to prime land where it planned to start production of various crops. Though NUAC through its Ugandan partner had right to operate on the land, NUAC was invaded 4 times illegally and until it was settled more than a year was lost.

In 2010 it was unfortunately neccessary to "divorce" with the Ugandan partner. Kim Johansen then became full time overall manager of farm.

End of 2010 a new Danish shareholder joined in. Namely Soren Naesborg. 2010 was a period of "restarting" the company.

2012 has also seen African Agricultural Capital Fund joining hands with NUAC farm

In terms of land NUAC has of today aquired 1200 hectare, hereoff 200 hectare has been processed and has land lease title. The other 1000 hectare is in progress for lease title.

In 2013 Kim sold his shares to Søren / NUAC Denmark Aps.

Today we have a skilled danish farm manager Peter Bruun.