Northern Uganda Agricultural Centre 

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In order to become a real agricultural centre NUAC farm will sell equipment related to agriculture.

NUAC will not only sell tractors, but will try to sell machine packages that are directed at people’s needs and capacity, incl. training of tractor operators.

Main target group is local farmers near NUAC farm, Northern Uganda and South Sudan.

Thirdly to provide agro services.

NUAC farm

  • Technical support
  • Sale of Agro machinery
  • Sale of Agro spareparts & tools
  • Service and maintenance of agro machinery
  • Training of tractor operators
  • Drying service
  • Sale of fuel

Technical support to NUAC farm

The core of NUAC group is its farm. In order to ensure the farm can concentrate on production machinery will maintain and repair all farm equipment on commercial basis.

Sale of agro machinery

The sale of machinery will mainly focus on second hand machinery in good quality for startup farmers. The basic start up sets can typically compromise of:

  • Tractor, mould plough/reversible, and disc
  • Tractor, mould plough/reversible, disc, and combi seed drill

Such set already a represent a big difference in how to carry out agriculture. Mould plough and combi seed drill is new in Ugandan context.

In regards to large scale farmers with professional management NUAC will focus on large packages that includes full mechanized production kits incl. combined harvester. Such package will only be offered if the client ensure professional management. NUAC does not want to get a bad reputation just selling machines and then they spoil it an lose their investment (lifespan tractor Uganda is less than 3 years).

Lastly NUAC will also try to make arrangements with large agro equipment companies to supply at low rate to Uganda and make NUAC Machinery official dealer.

Sale of spares and tools

In order to have a link between sales of machinery and maintenance the branch will have its own import and sales of spares. In addition a full workshop will be built on the farm to carry out repairs.

Currently NUAC has good international logistics arranged and is able e.g. to get urgent spares (if not in stock) to Uganda within 8-10 day inclusive custom clearance.

It is very essential for farmers that machinery is fully operational in its support services.

The tools sale has two facets:

  • Sale at farm to farmers
  • Sale In capital to construction and mechanical workshops

The farmers has basic needs for tools when buying machines. These will be sold at very competitive rates at the farm.

Sale in Kampala

NUAC sees an overwhelming demand for tools in Kampala. There are few reliable traders and they are extremely expensive.

In terms of sales the target is Road and Construction companies and workshops.

In addition NUAC is cooperating with DAKS Couriers.

Service and maintenance of agro machinery.

Since the last two years NUAC has seen an increase in people who come to get their machines repaired and maintained. Now that NUAC farm also sell machinery there is also increase in such requirements.

Therefore this will be essential in order to ensure machines are well managed and not only sold.

Training of tractor operators

The lifespan of tractors in Uganda is 2-3 years, then it’s basically a wreck. This is due to the fact that operators mainly know how to drive a tractor “forward” and not much else.

If NUAC sells machinery and the driver damage it within a short time, not only will owner lose money but NUAC will be blamed for selling bad machinery.

Therefore NUAC will only sell machinery to drivers who show they can manage. For new ones NUAC can provide training and testing of drivers. Its hoped that doners can be supportive in regards to such initiative as it will require large investment both in machinery and qualified expatriate teachers.

The most complex is Combined Harvester and here we can only see it as a service NUAC can provide and not to train operators as it takes years of experience.

The hope is that we can actually build a farm school when the right time and opportunity comes up.

Harvesting and other services

NUAC would like to leave the market for services to those who buys machines for such business.

However, seed drilling, harvesting and grain drying is at a very early stage for locals to manage.

Therefore NUAC do expect that for some years to come such services needs to be provided commercially by NUAC.

Sale of fuel

The nearest fuel station is 70km away. Therefore NUAC will open own station and will also be able to sell to other machine owners and thereby it will help in having cleaner fuel as it will not be bought and transported far in drums and jerrycans.